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Company based in Belgrade (Serbia), founded in 2010. Clients in European Union, United States of America and Canada. Highly educated, multidisciplinary and experienced IT staff. Management with over 25 years of corporate experience in the EU. ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.
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Our Products

Mobile, Security, Regulation

We concentrate on mobile, security and regulatory products based either on our own platforms or bespoke based on our extensive experience.

m! Platform

We provide complete solution for integrated mobile private communications based on our m! platform. Based on it we can deliver solution tailored for the needs of any kind of organisation.


Together with Medical Device Management Ltd we provide integrated solution for quality management and regulatory compliance for medical companies that are interested to have ISO 13485 and meet global standards (CE, FDA, ANVISA, etc). Primarily aimed at medical industry, this tool is easily customisable and expandable to meet regulatory requiremnts across range of industries.

Our Services

Special purpose applications

Bespoke applications provider for finance, telecom and medical customers based on our experience working with clients from these industries.

Our domain knowledge and technology experience enable us to provide best fitted solutions for our clients.

Use anywhere applications

Tailored enterprise web and mobile applications for modern nomads.

Our strong experience in user interface design for mobile apps, as well as strong programming experience recommend us as a perfect partner for tailor-made modern applications.

Core business applications

Backend solutions for core business applications.

Development and integration of third party solutions in order to support internal processes and help to achieve enterprise strategy.

Highly regulated markets


Our skillset is tailored for the very demanding healthcare market.

We adhere to the full software development lifecycle requirements as specified by IEC 62304 and the Food and Drug Administration and are capable of working in a strictly controlled environment, which have demanding auditing procedures.

We provide R&D services to Michelson Diagnostics Ltd, a rapidly growing medical device company and manufacturer of the market leading VivoSight® OCT scanner.


Our experience in telecommunications, as well as strong programming skills, recommend us as an excellent partner for tailor-made solutions.

We have 6 years of research and development in voice over IP with SIP, H.323, RTP and RTCP protocols.

We develop with TestBook Ltd VoIP test tools which help in troubleshooting by providing KPIs for SLA of communication infrastructures, both during the deployment and exploitation phases.


Our understanding of new technologies and protocols allows us to enable the fast and secure trading of bonds, shares and options.

We have a strong experience in the design of FIX protocol based exchanges and in the integration with market interfaces such as: Bloomberg, Xetra and Eurex.

We contribute to the development of high-performance solutions for Marketcetera Inc. and the deployment of the major new version of the trading system of the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Our customers



Mobility & Web



Seasoned professionals

Request for proposal

We understand the importance of our customers' needs and value their time, therefore our priority is to learn about our customers business in order to offer the most valuable solution.

We aim to establish a long term collaboration with our customers.

Project Management

We organize regular meetings and provide reporting for the purpose of keeping our customers informed and in control of the process.

Having our customers involved is essential for the success of projects and our companies.

Project delivery

Our goal is to deliver a ready-to-use solutions to enable our customers to simplify their business development.

We offer extended support to our customers whenever needed as our collaboration continues after the delivery.


  • Morten Kromberg - CXO Dyalog, ex CTO of Adaytum

    TP is a very capable team able and ready to deliver very demanding projects.

  • Martin Johns - Chief Operating Officer, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd

    TP has been Michelson Diagnostics’ primary developer of software for VivoSight, our medical imaging system. TP has worked with us through all phases of software development, from design to verification, and we are highly pleased with their quality of work.

  • Dr. Radojko Miladinović - IT Director, Belgrade Stock Exchange

    Technology Partnership were engaged by Belgrade Stock Exchange as FIX protocol experts. They have strongly contributed to the latest project at BSE, "Belex FIX modification according to EU standards". I was highly satisfied with their technical and professional commitment within strictly regulated business environment. I am looking forward to consider them our outsourcing partner in the future.

  • Gregor Jemec - Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Dermatology, Roskilde Hospital, Health Sciences faculty, University of Copenhagen

    I have had the opportunity to use the Michelson Diagnostics VivoSight suite of applications developed by Technology Partnership for several years, and have been very pleased with the functionality, response and design of their software, as well as the responsiveness of the organization to user-driven requests.

  • Oskar Mencer - Chief Executive Officer, Maxeler Technologies

    TP has been Maxeler’s primary developer of MaxIDE, our integrated graphical user interface for programming dataflow engines. It has been a pleasure to work with Sava and his team. TP is a professional and reliable partner for software development.

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  • Efficiency - Ratio of the useful work performed to the total time spent.

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